Men in Black

An impression inspired by the Scout Ranger (Named after both the Alamo Scouts and US Army Ranger), known officially as the First Scout Ranger Regiment (FSSR), is the Philippine Army’s premier Special Forces unit and specializes in anti-guerilla warfare. The regiment has been boasted as one of the world’s best anti-guerilla fighter in Asia. They are the men clad in black fatigues, berets (the men in black) depicting the skin of the “Musang” (Panther) whose image appears in every ranger patch sewed in the shoulders of their fatigues. As their saying goes “We don’t just lead, WE STRIKE!!!”

Philippine Scout Ranger


5 Responses to “Men in Black”

  1. Bievendido Mercado Says:

    Ranger Lead the way….ohahahahaha

  2. mel villacarlos Says:

    i am a police officer and i idolized you guys.. long live SR!

  3. I bow down humbly in the presence of such grtaeness.

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