Navsog HMMWV

Photo below was taken during the Philippine Naval Special Warfare Group 50th Anniversary celebration visit inside the home of the Philippine Seals at Sangley Point, Cavite, Philippines. The HMMWV (Humvee) was painted with their very own distinctive tigerstripes “Sewingdale” pattern. The “wings” on it is the Philippine Seal’s insignia.

Philippine Navy Seal's Humvee

Philippine Navy Seal's Humvee

Photo: Philip Co


2 Responses to “Navsog HMMWV”

  1. Randy Rabun Says:

    I have two 1960’s vintage PI UDU patches worn before SWAG OR NAVSOG. One color and one subdued as inspired by USN UDT-13 1968-71. Would trade them for a current set of NAVSOG Tiger stripe camouflage size US medium.

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