Silent Warriors

Taken during Philippine Naval Special Warfare Group 50th anniversary at Sangley Point. Seal sniper and his Philippine Navy’s 3rd generation Marine Scout Sniper Rifle (MSSR). Among other items laid out during that exhibit was a Draeger Rebreather with a very unique Navsog’s tigerstripes cover. Also, on the far end as you can see from this photo is a small water-filled fish glass aquarium where they used to demo their MBITR by plunging the radio into it.

My friend aka combatcamote having chit chats with these silent warriors. With him (not shown) was another good friend aka Desert Rat. Both gentlemen enjoyed the show and the opportunities to meet the frogs, visited Frogmen’s store and an opportunity as well to check out various Navsog’s suppliers who had their respective stalls on the ground. These two guys sure did have a very Happy Camo Day!! Well, Desert Rat got me something too and sent it over. Thanks, you bloke! I owe you too many!

Philippine Seals' 50th Anniversary Open House

Philippine Seals' 50th Anniversary Open House

Photo: Philip Co


5 Responses to “Silent Warriors”

  1. nice photo~I thought DR said those photos cant find in his computer~hahahaha

  2. I found it in my old HD. Chances are, he can’t remember where he stored it.

  3. richard benedicto Says:

    when is the navsog anniversary? i want to visit them too and buy some stuff.

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