Operation Kentucky Jumper

MA’LAAB DISTRICT, AR RAMADI, IRAQ. Delta Platoon executed a broad spectrum of combat operations in and around Ramadi. They patrolled bravely through the city streets engaging in firefights while on other occasions, they ambushed insurgent mortar teams near the banks of the Euphrates River. SEAL Team 3 accounted for 84 enemy fighters killed in action and the detainment of numerous insurgents. Most notably, the Army Infantry, Navy SEAL and Iraqi Army combined force helped to pacify the most violent city in Al Anbar province, setting conditions for the Sunni “Awakening”.

“A lot of people, even in the SEAL community, thought Ramadi couldn’t have been won without Navy SEALs. Don’t you believe it. Those brave soldiers and marines would have taken Ramadi without us. Had we not been there, a lot more of them would have been killed doing it. We’re very proud of our role in supporting them.”

−Lieutenant Commander John Willink, Task Unit Commander, Seal Team Three

ST3 Marksman

Enroute to provide sniper overwatch position with Iraqi Army Scout.

Enroute to provide sniper overwatch position with Iraqi Army Scout.

M79 known as the "Thumper".

M79 known as the "Thumper"


4 Responses to “Operation Kentucky Jumper”

  1. Got more pictures of the ST3 maybe got a kitlist?

  2. Really sorry for the kitlist for now…I am too lazy for that.
    But you can see some more in this forum:

    Many thanks for your interest..

  3. Awesome……..!!!!!!

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