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Kinship: Sailor and FDNY

Posted in Military Impressions on April 20, 2009 by stukaph

And the bond between the SEALs and El Barrio’s Bravest has persevered. The firehouse quickly gained a reputation as a safe haven for SEALs, and even soldiers who have no connection to Murphy will often spend a night at Engine 53, Ladder 43 when they are on leave in New York.

“In a way, it’s still a tribute to Mike,” said Capt. Al Hagan of Ladder 43. “And it’s our way of showing these guys that we appreciate what they do. Our firehouse is their home.”

Article: War Hero’s Spirit Fills Bravest Hearts (NY Daily News)

My brother was a FDNY firefigther

My brother was a FDNY firefigther