Philippine NAVSOG Tigerstripes Uniform

PH SEAL Tigerstripes Uniform (Sewingdale Version)

Shirt was modified (Lower pockets moved to arm sleeves) by the operator. Operator also cross-trained with their US counterpart as visible from the US NAVY SEAL Trident badge on upper right chest.

Official name: NAVAL SPECIAL OPERATIONS GROUP (NAVSOG). This special unit is the Philippine Navy counterpart of the US Navy SEAL and popularly coined by their foreign counterparts or known in their very tight international brotherhood as PH SEAL or RP SEAL. Prior to the current adopted and official name, the unit previously was called Special Warfare Group (SWAG). The changed of unit name was to wash away the stigma of the July 27, 2003 munity that was participated by some of its members, mostly SEAL Team “Uno” (SEAL Team One).

This distinctive tigerstripes uniform was first seen by the public during that munity. Since the Philippine Navy SEAL maintained a low profile and rarely seen in public (in fact, not many in the public ever knew the existence of this unit), it  mistakenly coined this tigerstripes uniform as “Magdalo Tiger”.  “Magdalo” being the official name of the group of the mutineers.

This distinctive Tigerstripes uniform was manufactured by a local company Sewingdale, Inc. in lightweight 100% cotton riptop. The workwmanship of this Battle Dress Attire (BDA) is of industrial production quality, quite good in terms of cut/style and uses military grade buttons. But this is no longer in production as the Armed Forces of the Philippines ceased business with Sewingdale, Inc. after the Philippine Army’s poncho’s controversy amogn others I believe. Naval Special Warfare though continued buying up to their last TS fabric inventory for supply only and had it tailored themselves.

When the last inventory dried up, the NSW while tender for new suppliers were ongoing, temporarily adopted the current lightweight 100% cotton  green dominant tigerstripes of the Phil. Army Special Forces Regiment (Airborne). With the new demand, some supplier printed on this TS fabric with “PN SWAG Uniform..” (SWAG being the old name of PH SEAL, as already mentioned above. Hence, it is not surprising if you find some Army SF TS set with ‘PN SWAG Uniform..” markings which I think only found on the edges of these fabric rolls. In addition, for distinctive purposes and references by collectors, this temporary adaptation, we like to call it “Transitional NAVSOG Tigerstripes” or “Transition Tiger”



10 Responses to “Philippine NAVSOG Tigerstripes Uniform”

  1. recongunny Says:

    ey stuka found your site here on the web…. this is recongunny of oneairsoft and gruppo kalag… i am really digging the NAVSOG setup and operator.. can you please give me some hints and ideas how to complete mine? I just wanted to go and reenact something that would make me proud as a pinoy.. more power!!!

  2. stukaph Says:

    gunny, I will send you sms.

  3. Absolutely brilliant post guys, been following your blog for 3 days now and i should say i am starting to like your post. and now how do i subscribe to your blog?

    • Very glad you like it…Thanks for visiitng my blog. Now, how do you subscribe to my blog…hmmm…not sure really 😦 Let me find this out.

      • Tip on earlier question on how to subscribe to this blog: If you post a comment or reply to any of the topics posted here, you will find an option “Subscribe to this site by email” just right below your comment/reply box. Just tick on this option if you want to subscribe by email. So there you go. Thanks

  4. Tonton abilgos jr Says:

    Good day sir! Im a bdu collector here in valenzuela city, mostly americans,british,germans are in my collection, and a little philippine camos, may i ask if where can i get a set of tigerstripes to add to my collection? Just like you im also a member of IAMCA militaria forum. Thanks sir nice blog.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. Up to this writing, there is shortage of this type of Tigerstripes. This, now become a challenge even for the NAVSOG. This particular fabric is out of stock and camo supplier has yet to replenish their stock. If this goes on for a while, I think you will see them temporarily adopting different shades of the tiger, depending on its availability.

  5. Is there anyone in the philippines selling this type of camo with combat shirt? cheers

    • stukaph Says:

      There is a shortage of this type of tigerstripe so I don’t think you’ll find any surplus being sold and made into combat shirt outside of the unit for the commercial market.

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