Philippine NAVY SEAL “Hooyah” Ballcap


RP SEAL "Hooyah" ballcap



Obsolete team items of the Philippine Naval Special Warfare Group (NSWG or better known now as NAVSOG). The ballcap shows a full color beautifully embroidered specwar frog, superimposed unto a flag of the Republic of the Philippines. Frogs are a reference to the U.S. Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) days of the original mascot (Freddy, the Frog).

The predecessor unit of the Philippine NSWG, the Underwater Operations Team or UOT  activated on 5th November 1956 was patterned after the fame U.S. Underwater Demolitions Team (UDT) of the WWII. Thus, its Unit similarities and the monicker “Frogman”; that implied to someone who is trained to dive or swim in a military capacity which can include combat.

And of course, for the sake of those unaccustomed visitors into this blog, HOOYAH is the war cry or battle cry commonly associated with the SEA, AIR and LAND warrior communities or the brotherhood of the world’s military SEAL units.


To note, the ballcap never actually kicked–off for widespread unit issue as the inception of this design came about after the Oakwood Event where some member of this elite unit were involved. As a result, rumors of the dire consequences for the whole NSWG unit abound.  Therefore, anything that connotes the “Frogman” was somehow restricted then; to maintain the unit’s low profile and lighten up the political pressures. Fortunately, the only known consequences was the changed of Unit’s official name, from then Special Warfare Group (SWAG) to the new and current Naval Special Warfare Group (NAVSOG).

In addition to this photo reference, some team patches as well. These came from the  same batch of the 2001 productions.


2 Responses to “Philippine NAVY SEAL “Hooyah” Ballcap”

  1. Gerry Frog Says:

    That’s an exact copy of the US Navy SEAL Trident. None of you are authorized to wear it. Why is it a uniform article?

    • stukaph Says:

      PH Navy SEAL establishment can be traced back since November of 1956 and has a long history cross training with their US Navy SEAL counterparts. As a matter of fact, many has (and continue) to train in the US and therefore, qualified to wear it after completing their courses. Same as with PH Army SF operators who also graduated from the US Army SF Q-Course and earned their US SF tabs.

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