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Philippine Marine Corps’ Force Reconnaisance Battalion (FRBn aka MFR)

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Philippine Marine Force Recon

A member of the Philippine Marine Force Reconnaissance Battalion (FRBn aka MFR) attached to a Marine Brigade to serve as quick maneuvering force.




MFR specializes in Sea, Air and Land operations, like its counterpart in the Naval Special Operations Group (NAVSOG) of the Philippine Navy, ranging from reconnaissance, close combat, demolition, intelligence and underwater operations in support to the overall naval operations. What makes it different from the Special Warfare Group is that it utilizes strategies and tactics mastered by the Philippine Army’s 1st Scout Ranger Regiment and Special Forces units. Source: Wikipedia

In this photo was MFR Staff Sergeant Eliseo D. Salo (RIP) in his Philippine Marine Camouflage Uniform taken in-theater during the final phase (Test Mission) deployment of Marine Scout Sniper School Class 11 operations in support of Philippine Military’s Oplan Ultimatum in the Island of Jolo, Philippines.

SSGT Salo was a seasoned and veteran of many combat tours in Southern Philippines and the team leader of the Marine Scout Sniper Course Class NR 11 conducted from 05th December 2009 to 25th February 2010.

Graduation photo of Class NR 11 less their Sniper class’ team leader, SSGT Eliseo D. Salo. He was killed in action, four (4) days short of the graduation rites. At the time of him being fatally shot in the chest, six (6) known personalities of the adversary were already dead said to be all head-shots, including a High Value Target (HVT) leader responsible for the early January 2010 abduction of three (3) members of the International Committee of the Red Cross ( Swiss, Italian and Filipino nationals) and also, among those that seized 21 people, including Asians, European Tourists in April 2000 from Sipadan Diving Resort in Sandakan, Sabah.

Aside from the momentary introduction of the Philippine Marine Force Recon Bn and the highlights on SSGT Salo in this article, I am also covering here the superseded Philippine Marine camouflage pattern in brief:

This specific Philippine Marine camouflage pattern was introduced in year 2000 and issued on May of the same year. Hence, was fondly called “Marine 2000” by militaria enthusiasts and collectors, a four-color design of black, brown and green on light khaki backdrop. This pattern is now gradually being replaced by the current Philippine Marine digital camouflage pattern. You may check the graduation photo above whereby the four Marine officers sitting on a bench were in their new Philippine Marine Corps’ digital uniforms.

And by the way, the boonie hat that is on the top photo are fondly called “Lousy Hat”, a Philippine Military jargon, being obviously a nifty and floppy hat brim. Thus, a “lousy” nature of its style but effective in combat concealment to cut out the silhouette of a human head from a distance in a jungle environment. So whenever, you have the opportunity to visit Philippine military camps or military shops in the vicinity or for foreign military who are in, on a joint military exercises, it’s always good to understand the local slang when one dig to trade a boonie hat with their local counterparts.

US Marine Corps' Marine Force Recon with Philippine MFR Boonie hat

A USMC Force Recon in their usual jungle MARPAT digital camouflage uniform donning a Philippine Marine Corps’ Force Recon “lousy” hat in one of their joint-exercises in the Philippines with their local counterparts. I believe this photo was taken in the Marine base beach resort in Ternate, Cavite. Yes, a beach resort but not so open to the public. I think this is Katungkulan beach named after Camp Katungkulan, a Philippine Marine Corps’ training center and forest area reservation. A prior arrangement is needed to enjoy the beach obviously for security reason.

Another photo reference below of the Philippine Marines Force Recon “Lousy Hat” taken during one of their Airborne classes.

Philippine Marines Force Recon "Lousy" hat