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Philippine Army 1st Special Forces Regiment (SFR-A) Tigerstripes Camouflage Uniform

Posted in Camouflage Uniforms on February 5, 2011 by stukaph

Green Dominant Tigerstripes Camo Uniform of Philippine Army SF

Green-dominant Tigerstripes camouflage uniform of the Philippine Army 1st Special Forces Regiment – Airborne (SFR-A). An elite unit established in the 1960 by Fidel “Eddie” V. Ramos, its 1st Commanding officer who later became the 12th President of the Philippines from 1992 – 1998. Similar to the United States “Green Berets”, among their many specializations, this Special Forces trains local citizens as militiamen in their area of operations and mobilizes them to defend themselves.

This SFR-A tigerstripes uniform is in lightweight 100% cotton material and fully badged. On its left arm sleeve are subdued “Special Forces”, “Ranger” and “Airborne” tabs and below them is the SFR-A cloth badge. On the right arm sleeve (unseen) is also a subdued Philippine Army Special Operations Command (PA SOCOM) Badge.  PA SOCOM is a single command responsible for maintaining various Special Forces units operating under the Army’s wing.

On this TS uniform upper right chest pockets is their primary SFR Qualification Pocket Badge (subdued) and on the left pocket, Scout Ranger Qualification Pocket Badge (subdued). It means that the operator also is a qualified Scout Ranger. Hence, indeed earned the right to wear a “Ranger” tab. Of course, an NCO Master Sergeant and an Infantry Occupational Specialty collar insignias in addition to the normal Philippine Army Branch Cloth Tab and Name Cloth. Just right above the name cloth is a qualified Philippine Basic Parachutist Jump Badge.  These parachute wings are awarded to those personnel who have successfully completed the rigorous parachutist qualification course as taught by the Philippine Special Forces Parachute Jump Instructors.

Philippine Army Special Operations Command Badge

Philippine Army 1st Special Forces Regiment-Airborne (SFR-A) Badge

Philippine Army Special Forces Sniper

This SFR-A tigerstripes camouflage uniform is also known as SOCOM Tiger and also, once adopted by Philippine Navy Special Warfare Group (SWAG) before they chose its  distinct Tigerstripes which was supplied by Sewingdale, Inc.. SWAG being the old name of the now Naval Special Warfare Group (NAVSOG). Therefore, I was not surprised at all on what I found along the brim of this SFR-A TS uniform, a continuous print markings that says: “PN SWAG Uniform”. Obviously, the supplier had it marked so, to indicate the correct Tigerstripes color and pattern that was also appropriate for the PN Naval Special Warfare requirement at that time or at least, supply fabric rolls to also cater to PN NSWG.

In reference to the same SFR-A Tigerstripes variety of the Philippine Naval Special Warfare Group. See photos below:

Philippine Navy SEAL Tigerstripes Uniform Brim Markings

Philippine SEAL donning this exact Tigerstripes Battle Dress Attire (BDA) of the Philippine Army SFR-A.

RP SEAL in Green Dominant Tigerstripes Camo Uniform