Action-Drama Series on Philippine TV debut for the PH SEALs

My first post for 2013 after being dormant for about 2 years (?) from blogging.


Lead actor Richard Guiterrez aboard one of the Philippine Navy’s Jacinto class attack ship, BRP Emilio Jacinto (PS-35).

Philippine GMA Channel 7 will start airing a TV drama series “Love and Lies” on April 8, 2013. Local actors, Richard Guiterrez, Sid Lucero and Paolo Contis will all play roles of Philippine Navy SEALs. On March 13, 2013, Richard and Paolo along with film Director Mark Reyes visited the Philippine Navy Headquarters and paid a courtesy call on the Navy Chief, Vice Admiral Jose Luis M. Alano. Aside from the courtesy call, the actors also signed up as Philippine Navy Reservists.

Vice Admiral Alano assured the TV network of the Navy’s full support and assistance for the project. “We look forward to this project in which we can show and highlight what the Philippine Navy is all about”, Vice Admiral Alano said. He likewise briefed Richard and Paolo about the rigid training and life of a Navy SEAL.


Actors Richard Guiterrez, Sid Lucero and Paolo Contis during one of the tactical trainings.

For the 1st time, the Philippine Navy especially its elite unit, the Naval Special Operations Group (NAVSOG) will be highlighted and give full support to this kind of project e.g. equipment, vehicles, etc. at the film production’s disposal. As a matter of fact, the actors are also provided with appropriate trainings to ensure the authenticity of the character of the Navy SEAL that these boys will be portraying including shooting adeptness of the SEALs’ choice of assault rifle.

There will also be special appearances and participation of the real PH SEAL operators in this action fill, fast pace drama series. As such, lead star Richard Guiterrez promised to showcase how good these silent professionals are, how resilient they are, how discipline they are.


Lead actor Richard Guiterrez with the Commanding Officer of the SEAL sniper
Team named 9/11 and LTJG Silvestre Rana shown here with swimmer’s radio headset.


The other actors with PH SEALs aboard the Philippine Navy attack ship during the weekly taping.

I am privilege to have been provided great materials from the SEAL themselves during this taping through a common friend, who already left the Navy service and now work as an independent maritime security escort in international cargo ships. The material inspired me to update my blog after being dormant mainly due to work and making a living. Nevertheless, with such great sources that I hopefully continue to b egetting or have access to, I will always find time to update this blog.

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos until the series will be aired that surely will captivate the fans both of the casts and followers of one of the elite units of the Philippine Military. I’m sure the actors themselves will also now become avid fans of the Naval Special Operations Group (NAVSOG). I bet the actors will also keep their respective distinct tigerstripes combat uniforms provided for by the SEAL as a remembrance of the honor to be working and portraying the character of a PH SEAL.


One of the cast, Ms. Bella Padilla in the company of these fine gentlemen and warriors.


6 Responses to “Action-Drama Series on Philippine TV debut for the PH SEALs”

  1. Updated man diay ka sa showbiz, Paul! 😀 Nice read, bai! 😉

  2. Recce Gabriel Says:

    Perfect…hope the series do great justice to these unsung heroes…

    • stukaph Says:

      Well, as long the production people listen and follow the details, they can bring justice. 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. recongunny Says:

    Wow!!! They used to shy away from the limelight…. Hehehe!! Kumusta sir Stuka..

    • stukaph Says:

      Recongunny, despite the humility. I’m sure they find this as an opportunity to showcase where our taxes go…afterall, theirs is not a secret unit, only the missions are! ..I’m ok, my friend. Just been busy making a living, to be able to afford meeting all ends. My little display room is ongoing construction to hang and document memorabilias from these guys! 😉 It’s a project that have been long overdue.

      • recongunny Says:

        Good to hear that…Still drooling on that rifle with that very expensive mount and reflex sight hahah!!!

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