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Philippine Army New Camouflage Uniform: Mystery Camo No More

Posted in Camouflage Uniforms on September 2, 2016 by stukaph

Greetings to all you camouflage freaks!

Yes, I had been dormant for quite some time as I was traveling, busy making a living and during breaks, I preferred spending them outdoors and visiting friends than sitting down writing and updating this blog. Anyhow, I’m back now with many materials I think worth publishing during all these travels including those militaria events that I was invited to. Rest assured, I will be sharing them here as well in the coming weeks. But first, let me share to you the new Philippine Army new camouflage uniform.

New PH Army camouflage uniform

Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw quite a number of FB posts on people intrigue by this camouflage pattern. You may noticed that with the newly elected Philippine President making rounds visiting all Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) military camps, some of the top PH Army officers are seen donning their new camouflage uniforms.

This is one of the pictures of the Philippine President with the AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Ricardo R. Visaya, PA.


Photo grabbed from the news media (due credit to the photographer).

This is not the first time I saw this camouflage. Nevertheless, I was really intrigue the first time I did, as I know this is no ordinary camouflage pattern. I came out empty handed in my initial research until the recent press released by Colonel Benjamin Hao, the AFP spokesman that came out in ABS CBN News on 23rd August 2016.

Changing the Uniform

According to Colonel Hao, one of the biggest project of the current administration is the strengthening of the Philippine Military and targeted to be of world class level in 2014. One of the first steps is taking the basic —-changing the uniform. The new design is lighter and more adaptive to the Philippine terrain.

In the same ABS-CBN news (dated 23rd August 2016), a couple of photos were posted for public consumption at last.

Photo source: ABS-CBN News (Danielle Rabolos) released on 23rd August 2016.

Photo source: ABS-CBN News (Danielle Rabolos) released on 23rd August 2016.

Photo source: ABS-CBN News (Danielle Rabolos) released on 23rd August 2016.

Initial Assessment of the Camouflage Pattern

As soon as I saw the photos of Col. Hao, only a certain type of camouflage pattern immediately came to my mind, the geometric pattern signature is apparently that of the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) Spec4ece Forest pattern issued to ANA soldiers in 2010. If one may wonder though why the ANA selected the forest color scheme in an Arid environment? There is a very good reason for that as most of their missions with the coalition forces are at night. The color combined with the Spec4ce pattern makes it virtually invisible at night. During field testing, it showed a surprising acquisition distance of less than 5 meters at night far superior to other camouflage colors in different terrains. The ANA uniform also uses the most advance IR reduction coatings and therefore, provide an advantage over any night vision equipment (by now, you may already have an idea that the new Philippine Army camouflage is no ordinary camouflage pattern. Still wondering? Hold on…not yet.

The initial assessment gave me some thoughts, yet confident that I made the right one and to confirm, I decided to contact the Canadian company and its camouflage creator with the knowledge that the company was involved in the Philippine Air Force camouflage uniform program but was put on hold.

Leaders in Camouflage, Concealment and Deception

Yes, the Canadian company that I contacted is the leader on camouflage and concealment. Considered the world’s digital camouflage expert by the U.S. Government. During our discussion, the company CEO and camouflage creator confirmed that the camouflage pattern is theirs and indeed developed a color scheme from this pattern for the Philippine Army based on Philippine terrain for field trial earlier this year. However, he mentioned that there are other camouflage being considered and therefore, if I do write an article about it, it has to be pointed out that their camouflage pattern is not officially selected yet as a disclaimer.

Mystery Camouflage no more, are you ready?

It’s Camopat™

YES, and I was correct all along the moment I saw the geometric pattern signature and the thoughts of the ANA camouflage pattern, I made my research on HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp. and there I saw the exact pattern called Camopat™ “Staying One Step Ahead™”.

Mr. Guy Cramer, CEO of HyperStealth confirmed that the photos that were released in the media were indeed their Camopat. Whereby, the Philippine coloration of this pattern was developed for the Philippine Army and permission was granted to print and assemble for field trials. Usually in small quantity to verify the previous computer simulations testing of effectiveness and R&D is correct. That’s why the trial uniforms were only fielded to top Philippine Army officers and selected units. See the Philippine coloration of the Camopat in the photo below:

Photo grabbed from AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Ricardo R. Visaya facebook page

Photo grabbed from AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Ricardo R. Visaya facebook page

If you compare the above photo and that of Colonel Benjamin Hao, it may seem the coloration is different but I believe this was only caused either by the camera white balance or lighting sources. As far as Mr. Guy Cramer is concern, there was only one run for the trial uniforms.

Camopat™, The Official PH Army Battle Dress Uniform

It’s official as per latest press released that the Camopat™, will be adopted by the Philippine Army. The selected digital camouflage pattern is professional and scientifically developed by the world’s renowned modern camouflage expert.

It was created by Mr, Guy Cramer, President/CEO of HyperStealth based on mathematical fractals (feedback loops) taking camouflage into an area of science that had been proposed by the experts but none were able to design (source: Hyperstealth). He is now considered one of the top camouflage designers in the world, developing hundreds of patterns every few months.

It was an excellent decision by the PH Government to solicit the expertise of Mr, Guy Cramer of Hyperstealth Biotechnolocy Corp. for the Philippine Military to be at par with other world’s leading military forces as far as camouflage uniform is concern. To the AFP uniform board, CONGRATULATION for the EXCELLENT CHOICE!

Camopat™, on Mobile Cellular Towers in the US

In May 2007 this pattern was rescaled and resized to conceal Cellular towers (See: Invisible Towers). Invisible Towers has acquired an exclusive license from HyperStealth to wrap cellular towers within the United States with HyperStealth Camouflage patterns using the HyperStealth “concealment™” 3M Printed Adhesive Vinyl. In 2007 Invisible Towers won an industry wide award for Innovation after wrapping two towers in 2006 with HyperStealth Consealment Camouflage to meet regulatory and/or community approval. (Source: Hyperstealth)

Why camouflaging the Mobile Cellular Tower? The main reason is the increasing issue of mobile cellular tower and antenna sitting impacting the environmental landscape. In a survey by the US National Institute of Science, Law & Public indicates Cell Towers and Antennas negatively impact public interest in real estate properties. 94% of respondents said a nearby cell tower or group of antennas would negatively impact interest in a property or the price they would be willing to pay for it. Therefore, the telecoms service providers continue to work with the municipalities over cell tower and antenna sitting issues like a positive step in keeping urban and rural environments looking as attractive possible. So it’s time to get imaginative —THINK CAMOUFLAGE, think about the landscape and think about hiding those antennas and towers wherever you can.

Who is Mr, Guy Cramer, President/CEO of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.? 

Mr, Guy Cramer is not just your regular camo guy.

“Guy Cramer is the President/CEO of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp, President of United Dynamics Corp., inventor of the Passive Negative Ion Generator, and the developer of the algorithm. Guy has worked with and/or corresponded on projects with, the Edmonton Oilers National Hockey League team, NASA JPL, NASA Headquarters, Columbia Accident Investigation Board, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army and Senator John Warner’s office during his time as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

In the 1997 Cramer spearheaded a group to disprove the Bible Codes with a statistical formula developed by Cramer. Many of the leading mathematicians were convinced these codes were mathematically significant until Cramer’s group proved that they were common, random codes.

In 1997 one of Cramer’s papers was reviewed by world-renowned Professor Stephen Hawking.”

Read about him and his many scientific accomplishments including his significant findings on the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident. Read more about his background HERE.

PTV 4 Press Release, 03rd September 2016

Video Clip

“Now it’s lighter and made from the light material especially made for our soldiers in training and deployed in the field. In fact, it also has an anti-bacteria formula to protect our soldiers from infection and disease.”