My fondness on soldiers stemmed very early on during my childhood. Specifically on Special Forces that conducted mostly riverine/jungle operations in our hometown. What used to be just a hobby collecting interesting items from these forces during my teens later on, became a passion. The collection and live impressions intensified as I came to know more people into this “not so usual hobby” and some became good friends. But still my humble collections are just a fraction, nothing comparable to that of my friends and some advance collectors.

I hope that my blog will expand not only my very little knowledge on this subject but also, to get to know more people with the same interest that can provide me more information. And what could be better than gaining more friends out there, huh?

Disclaimer: This blog contains visual materials and live photos or impressions of different armed units for the sole purpose of my militaria collections and display to my target audience. My blog does NOT support any political directions, parties, organizations, or lobbies.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey Stuks!!!

    CONGRATS on YOUR BLOG!!! Now Im bookmarking this site into my FAVORITES!!!


  2. Hi! i like your blog, and its nice to see photos of our SEALS,
    btw, I am a son of a SEAL, and I have some photos of my Dad during his service and some stories of real life action with the ….. and ….., and incredible stories of survival and heroism. if you are interested, we can have some chit chats together, or just email me.

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