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Bangladesh Navy Special Warfare Diving and Salvage (SWADS)

Posted in Frogmen from around the Globe on December 4, 2010 by stukaph

Bangladesh Navy Special Warfare Diving and Salvage Officers

I was at Hongkong International Airport’s pre-departure gate flying back to Dhaka. Alone, bored and trying to shake the blues of being away from home once again were temporarily kept back when I saw these two Bangladeshi Navy Officers taking the same flight to Dhaka. At first when I saw these gentlemen, it was nothing out of my usual respect for military men, aside from them being in their formal dress uniforms, I immediately noticed that both were carrying the same nice black packs.


My being always curious on anything to do with militaria gear, I started to pick good angles trying to figure out the make of this pack. And as soon as I saw the classic Freddy the Frog UDT/SEAL mascot, I almost leap with joy!!! Though, many of these Frogs shared the same captivated creature, this one is somehow distinct to ROK Navy Special Warfare that I saw before and indeed, it was!!

The cheerful Frog

One of them was very friendly and the other was quite reserved. I came to know during our conversation that both were in-transit from South Korea and just completed their Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training in Republic of Korea Navy’s (ROKN) Special Warfare School. And I came to know as well that indeed the black packs were part of the items that they got and entitled to, after earning and the recognition to wear the distinctive ROKN badge/pin.


These proudly earned badges flashed with pride on their full dress uniforms.

Historically, Bangladesh military established a small NAVY commando to conduct underwater demolition, maritime operations during the Liberation War against West Pakistan in 1971. This specialized Navy commando unit became the forerunners of the current Special Warfare Diving and Salvage (SWADS). It is organized, trained and equipped along the lines of SEAL/UDT teams of the Republic of Korea and United States Navy SEAL. Hence, its officers and Instructors are sent to advance SEAL trainings in United States, Turkey and South Korea.

Sneak preview of the forerunners of Bangladeshi Frogmen.

More on them in separate article soon….

Before we departed, the friendly frog said that he documented all their daily activities, evolutions and experiences into his dairy; this will be his reference in his intention to write a book about it. Wish I come across this book someday as I regret to lose the contact number of this friendly officer.

SWADS Officers and Gentlemen

The two fine SWADS Officers and Gentlemen.

Photo taken after we finally picked our check-in stuff in Dhaka International Airport and went our separate ways.

Should these two officers came across this blog, I hope and wish one of them contact me to get in touch. I also want a signed copy of that book if ever.