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  1. Liezel Gata Dagatan Says:

    Jst nw dt I happnd to see posts bout Phil.Marines whereabouts. Nice to see ur posts. My husbnd s a one of Airborne-Recon Force bt Im nt vry informed bout what they really do. I find ur posts intresting. But I hope to know dt Phil.Marines hve programs for married soldiers for them to hv a healthy relationships with thier families… Counseling at least. Cz as far as I know there are some married relationships hd been at risk bcoz of d nature of work of our soldiers. Who r most of d tym away from home. God bless! & im hoping u’ll consider my concern in a positive way… Always be Brave! The Few, The Proud Marines!

    • Hello M’am, I’m glad that through my blog, you got little information on what your husband is doing that you can be proud of. I’m sure there are some programs by the units on your concern. In other major countries military, they do have this Workgroup that provides support and counseling services. I know there are these type of workgroups by the wives of the officers..maybe, you would like to initiate contacting one of them and check with them if there indeed similar workgroups for the NCO and the men of Force Recon. If not, why don’t you organize one and solicit the support of these officer’s wives. I’m sure they will support you. =)

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